August is not over yet!

August is not over yet!

Oyé Oyé fellow travelers condemned to stay in Mauritius all winter long while their friends are enjoying the new clothing collection or the crazy sales that you waited so long to book your trip. To dry your tears, we have carefully concocted an agenda listing must-visit happening at La Croisette to finish the month of August happily. Even if the sun is playing hide and side and the drop of rain is falling on your forehead, you still want to enjoy this month.  


From the 27th to 30th August, there will be 4 days of non-stop shopping at La Croisette. We suggest to work on a road map and plan your shopping trip. The trick is to visit the outlets you are not used to and find something that will make you happy.  


Eat your way around Rodrigues island via the Rodrigues’ stand near Intermart. You will be served with local honey, sweet thick-crush pie made with different fruits and home-made spicy pickles lined up in neat rows.  

Take your mask and celebrate the month as it should be in! 

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