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We want out visitors to enjoy the shopping experience and we are happy for you to take photographs and film your family & friends during your visit at La Croisette. However, we also need to protect the security, and privacy of staff, retails and members of the public visiting the mall. Below are more details on what kind of photography/filming you are and are not allowed to do at La Croisette including the authorization process when need be:

  1. Taking photographs during your visit for your own personal and domestic use is authorized. The management of La Croisette reserves the right, however, to ask visitors not to film or take photographs within the mall where we feel that it is necessary in the interests of the safety, privacy or enjoyment of other visitors or so as to prevent any civil or criminal offence being committed. For instance:
    • You are not allowed to block the circulation in or outside the mall with multiple photography equipment or having multiple person attending the shoot.
    • You must obtain permission from a shop before taking any photographs or video in or outside the shop.
    • You may not under any circumstance take picture or film any member of the security, cleaning, customer service, maintenance or management team without their explicit permission.
  2. Commercial photography and filming can only be conducted with the express permission of the La Croisette Centre Management Office. If you would like to film or take photos during your visit to La Croisette and have any questions as to what is permitted at the mall, please contact the Centre Management Office on 209 2000 or who will be happy to provide you with further assistance.
  3. La Croisette does not permit the flying of drones or similar technologies, other than those deployed by the emergency services or other competent bodies on or over the mall. 

We may from time to time undertake photographs and/or videography of areas at La Croisette including visitors and their property for publicity, advertising and communication materials in relation to services and facilities offered at La Croisette. We shall where practicable notify the visitor, however by entering La Croisette you agree to the use of any such photographs or videos. La Croisette reserves the right to amend this Code of Conduct at any time without prior notice.


If the pictures taken at the mall for personal uses, you can tag us #grandbaielacroisette on social media platforms or use this stamp to add on your pictures.

Fellow photographers: Be courteous, and avoid confrontations with people you may have photographed. If someone asks you to delete an image you took of them at La Croisette, perhaps just listen to them and delete it. Empathy can go a long way.