La Croisette Goes green

La Croisette Goes green

The need of being sustainable is more important and significant now than ever. By integrating adequate measures into its daily operations, La Croisette aims to do more than just achieve sustainable development. The #LaCroisetteGoesGreen journey already started in the following steps:

  1. Recycle bay 

It is time to get back to basics.  For some, recycling waste may seem like another hassle that makes life more difficult but it is an important task. The recycling bay at La Croisette can collect up to 12 categories of trash namely cardboard, paper, polystyrene, plastics, detergents, metal containers, glasses, plastic bottles, cans, batteries and toxic waste then sent to a recycling company to make better use of it. There is also a separate unit for the collection of used cooking oil.


Recycle bay: Parking number 19 at La Croisette
Recycle bay: Parking number 19 at La Croisette

In partnership with Poisson Plume, we have launched a new project where plastic bottles and cans are collected and given a new life in the form of crafts & decorations.

Flowery designs with plastic bottles at La Croisette
Flowery designs with used plastic bottles at La Croisette
  1. Going Solar

With an abundant rooftop space at La Croisette, the mall became an ideal candidate for solar power. By “Going Solar” with 385 solar panels installed on the top of the mall, it helped the mall to reduce its carbon footprint. Aside from saving money, renewable energy produces zero pollutions and is currently providing for 10% of the mall’s electricity consumption.

  1. LED lights in malls

LEDs are extremely energy efficient and consume up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs. Switching to LED lighting and pairing with smart systems that only light areas where and when needed have a positive impact on the mall’s energy consumption. The building decreased its consumption by 40% compared to its pre-refurbished state. Less wasteful energy use decreased demand from power plants and greenhouse gas emissions, therefore, reducing a shopping center’s carbon footprint.

An advantage of using LED lights is to balance the light levels to make sure the visitors feel comfortable and enjoy their experience at the mall. This sustainable solution has a positive impact on both visitors and employees.

  1. Solar Air Extractor

Solar Air Extractors have been gradually replacing the existing extractors in the AC unit chambers. This has led to lower consumption of electricity in the machinery chambers.

All these initiatives reduce La Croisette’s energy use and create a healthier environment for everyone. This is only the beginning of a greener planet.

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