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Enn Zistwar Poul

With multiple outlets around the island, Enn Zistwar Poul is making its place in Mauritian’s heart.

Our aim is to bring people together in a place where they can ‘Pass Zot Komann’ (order), in a Mauritian style and with a sense of belonging.

We leveled up the taste of chicken burgers and fried chicken with our Juicy & Crispy menu.

By using chicken thighs instead of chicken breast, our chicken burger the ‘Siprem Kroustiyan’ is even tastier, juicier, and crispier.

Among the top favorites on our menu is the ‘Lerwa Bef’, a 100% Angus Beef burger. This yummy,  juicy, and meaty experience will explode your mouth with flavours.

Also, with our well-known Juicy & Crispy fried chicken, the ‘Poul Frir’, available in 1 Bout (1 Piece) to 8 Bout (8 Pieces), you have the choice to mix up the flavours in non-spicy & spicy, depending on your taste and appetite.

The atest update on our menu and probably will soon become a leader in the top favorites, is our Juicy & Spicy ‘K- Menu’. The K- Menu is a Korean-style menu with a whole new experience for those who love to spice things a bit.

K- Menu offers you, a chicken burger with Korean spicy sauce the ‘K- Siprem’; spicy fried chicken the ‘K- Poul Frir’ and to crown the menu, an evolution of the chips, the ‘K- Chips’.

The ‘K- Chips’ is a Korean style chips, a mixture of texture and flavours, topped with Korean sauce, turkey strips, and sesame seeds.

Our menu extends even more to, Teriyaki Chicken Burger, Wrap, and special snacks famously known as ‘Gajak’.

We invite you to come and experience our menu, without any delay – ‘’ Pass Zot Komann’’.

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