Animation / Aventure


Louis Clichy


1 Hour25 Mins

Astérix: The Secret of The Magic Potion

11h00 | 13h30 | 15h30 | 18h00 | 21h00

In this adventure, Asterix and Obelix embark on a quest across Gaul looking for a young druid worthy of learning the secret of the magic potion, after elderly village druid Panormaix breaks his leg when he falls from a tree while picking mistletoe. Once Asterix and Obelix begin their quest, all hell breaks lose at home as the Romans – lead by the ridiculous Tomcrus — start attacking. Meanwhile, an evil wizard named Sulfurix does everything he can to steal the potion’s secret recipe, which, for lovers of French cuisine, seems to contain carrots, salt, fish, honey, mead, as well as fresh mistletoe that can only be harvested with a golden billhook

Official Trailer